When I created this blog (which I have now made viewable to the general public), it was April. Over the summer, I made the decision to take what I have dubbed a Hermit Year (#hermityear). At the end of September, I moved back to Western New York State, south of Buffalo and Rochester, to live with my parents with the goal of reading all of the books I've been meaning to read these past several years, and apply to graduate school. Next fall, I will either start school or relocate to a larger city where I can continue to work on developing as a director. I doubt I will move back to DC. For whatever reason, DC and I don't seem to work. I'm not sure why. I spent seven years there. Three and a half working at Woolly, roughly one working with Forum, and two and a half doing my own thing. For the last year, I found most of my work - the most satisfying of my time in DC - happening in Baltimore. I'm not sure why, but Baltimore and I click. So at the end of #hermityear, if I don't go off to study in a theatre bubble, I'll most likely return to Baltimore to work there without the expensive and exhausting commute. Which has the added benefits of being not too far from all of the friends and artists I love in DC. Because even though the city and I didn't work out, I am in love with the people who live there. And I think the city is evolving. And maybe as it evolves, my place there will make more sense. But for now, I am happy hermitting. And now, a couple of months into #hermityear, I am beginning to write more. I needed some time to decompress. To sleep. To watch far too much television. And now, I'm beginning to come back to life. It feels good. It feels creative. So I'm going to start putting thoughts here. On my half-designed, partially functioning website. Hopefully it will only be "partially functioning" for a little bit longer. But before I can give it my full attention, I need to finish some reading and you know. Those grad school applications that were a large reason I started this experiment of #hermityear.